Import Sample I .E.

This is a sample template to demonstrate how you can create transparency with Anim-FX in I.E. and create a plain color for Netscape.

How it is done

If you want to add background picture in your HTML page you should do the following.

1) In Anim-FX set the background color to to transparent.
2) Save the file and copy and paste them to your HTML work directory
3) Open your HTML page in your HTML editor
4) Create a separate table
5) Add a background picture to the table
6) Import the SWf file and positon at top of the picture.
7) Now add the no border, transparency tag in the object (I.E) section and the background colour tag in the embed (Netscape) section.
8) Finally you must position the content in the the swf by modifying the y and x position and by scaling the text.

Some advice:
The closer you keep to the original aspect ratio the easier it will be. So the first time you add a transparency tag to your html page keep a size of 600x300 for the table, swf and picture and start modifing the swf from there.

If you are not that familiar with HTML you maybe in for a tough ride so be prepared.

Another solution is to add a picture to the entire background. In the page properties of the respective screen. This will be very easy to do and not give you a lot of sizing porblems as long as you add the transparency tag for the object section and background color tag for the Netscape section.

The code for the above table:
Go to the source of this page and copy and paste all the code between the two <--!script--> tags.

Good luck!